Other active travel companies offer similar destinations, maybe similar accommodations, and probably have some talented guides as well.  They'll concede that.  But they know They have an edge over our competitors, and They want you to know why you should choose Discover Adventures over other companies.

Their Multi-sport Itineraries.  Their Value.  Their Passion.

Their Multi-sport Itineraries
They specialize in multi-sport tours.  They choose not to offer tours with a single activity.  Rather, our luxury tours blend a region's best bicycling routes, hiking trails and waterways into one awe-inspiring, well-rounded leisure adventure for everyone.  With a tour itinerary of cycling, hiking and kayaking, we've found that our guests finish each day more refreshed, appreciative of what they've accomplished and enthusiastic for the next adventure.  Well, AMEN!  That's what a multi-sport tour is all about, enjoying every day, in every way!  While it's impossible to see everything an area has to offer, enjoying multiple perspectives allows you to experience the best of each region.

Their Value
Combining three different activities into one tour is like having the "best of" three different tours.  Although our multi-sport tours are competitively priced with the companies that offer biking-only tours or hiking-only tours, that's only the beginning.  Their greatest value is when you compare us to other multi-sport itineraries.  Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, if you're looking for multi-sport adventures, no one has better value than They do.  Plus, when you're trying to figure out actual cost of a trip by looking for what's included and what isn't, we've gone ahead and made it easy for you - with the exception of airfare, personal and alcohol expenses and two meals (1 dinner, 1 lunch), everything is included, even the use of our custom Cannondale touring bikes.  

Their Passion
We're a small company.  They believe in the old adage that good things come in small packages.  Each of us, as employee-owners, takes pride in the development of this company.  They have researched our tours, designed them, guided them and sometimes They have been guests of them.  They can share with you tales from our tours, and They know intimately why each tour is worth experiencing.  They know how to listen to your needs and recommend from our personal experience which tour is the best fit for you.  They love our destinations, They love our jobs, and They have many reasons to believe that our tours are the best in the business.  Most importantly, They have everything to prove!  Unlike other bigger tour operators who can "lower the bar" based on the strength of the reputation alone, our conviction lies in providing an impeccable vacation, down to the smallest detail.  The greatest compliment They receive is when our customers tell us that we've exceeded their expectations.

Their desire is to always exceed your expectations.

They offer a maximum of 12 people per tour. This allows them to stay at the smaller, luxury inns and hotels, dine at intimate restaurants, and travel with the ease of full van and guide support. This small number allows you to get to know the other active travelers on your tour. Or just be on your own, knowing you will not be lost in the larger numbers of some group tours.

Arrival at the Greystone Inn.  Folks relaxing in the rocking chairs on the porch, laughing as a grey-haired man (who turns out to be the owner) embellishes a story.  He looks up with a kind smile.  “How’re y’all doin’ today?”  Even the local accent is soothing. Smoked duck pastries and pork satay for hors d’oeuvres, around the corner in the library. A few guests take a plate down to the sundeck on the lake.  Chaise lounges, afternoon sun glinting on the water.  No sound but the wind in the pines and a few whispering cicada.  Under the sundeck, in the boathouse, the waves gently slap the sides of the ChrisCraft – tomorrow’s champagne cruise.  Heaven?  Your guide appears, with a tall glass of  lemonade and tells you of the evening’s dinner plans.  Your bags are already in your room waiting for you, and there’s plenty of time before dinner to go for a swim in the pool, take a boat out, or just relax – Perhaps a soak in your jacuzzi with your new boyfriend that you just met from some sugar daddy dating site, then the newspaper and a glass of fresh-brewed iced tea on your porch overlooking the lake.  This kind of hospitality is easy to get used to!  Tomorrow?  The next day?  More of the same.

Evening is slowly giving way to night.  Candlelit dinner on the terrace, faces rosy with a day of Loire Valley sun and a few glasses of its wine.  Philippe, the sommelier, is taking good care of us tonight, teaching us how to “listen” to all the flavors in a good glass of rouge as they blend with each exquisite course.   The boudin blanc in puff pastry appears to be the favorite of the entrées tonight, and a few guests steal a friendly bite from their neighbor. Main dishes come out, with a flurry of excitement as the covers are lifted from the silver platters to reveal masterpieces.  A new wine awaits. Philippe expounds, getting more and more animated.  It is wholeheartedly agreed by all that he needs his own show on television.  As we settle into relaxed, contented digestion awaiting dessert, the owner stops by to make sure that everyone has had an enjoyable dinner.  Before anyone can even say “oui!” he can already see the answer written in beaming, wide-eyed satisfaction.  Another perfect dining experience.

There is no fee associated with usage of our bicycles.  They are included in the trip price.  Our bicycle fleet consists of custom hybrid Cannondale bicycles.  For your comfort, every bicycle has front shock absorbers and seat absorbers.  We will be happy to assist you, if you would like to bring your own bicycle.

Discover Adventures, Inc. is always looking for enthusiastic, problem solving, fun-loving, active people to join our company as tour leaders. We are constantly revising and improving our tours to make them fulfilling not only for our guests but also for our tour leaders. We know that great customer service begins the moment our guests reserve their vacation, and continues down to the smallest detail during the actual trips.  Special areas of expertise (foreign language proficiency, certifications, etc.) are always helpful. By virtue of being a small company, we offer a tight-knit sense of community within our staff that you can’t find in other places.  Check out our current destinations if you’re interested in becoming part of the team. Call or email us with your resume and let us know what location interests you, and be sure to ask about our incentives for those of you who bring many years of experience to the table. We look forward to learning more about you.  Please send your resume and cover letter to info@discoveradventures.com.

Discover Adventures has forged many complimentary relationships over the years with our partners. As a value-added service, we would like to provide their names and information to you. We are constantly updating our list. Please check back with us on occasion if you do not find one of our partner's you were searching for.

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